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Holiday 2013 Picks: Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set for the manly man

By April Neale Dec 9, 2013, 4:18 GMT

Holiday 2013 Picks: Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set for the manly man

Holiday 2013 Finds! Manly men love a hot wet shave.

Holiday 2013 Finds! Manly men love a hot wet shave.

Bottom line: Van Der Hagen Shave Set (Under $90) is an all-inclusive sharp set for any man to get into their grooming old school style. It looks great, works beautifully and ushers a gentleman in to the lost art of the wet shave.

We love Van Der Hagen for their handmade high-quality shaving soaps and accessories.


The Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set has everything you need to get a close, comfortable shave. The soap is made in the USA, the blades in Germany. The rest is made in China. This shave set includes a 100% real badger brush, a classic monogrammed apothecary mug, hypo allergenic shave soap, and a combination brush and razor stand.


Make sure that your beard is sufficiently steamed, either by taking a hot shower first or applying a hot wet towel to your face. To get the closest and most comfortable shave, begin by placing the shaving soap snugly in the mug. Please shave with the grain of your facial hair. Then, re-lather and shave against or across the grain for a closer shave.


If you're unsure what direction your hair grows, lightly rub your face and the direction that your hair grows will feel the smoothest. Shave in this direction – with the grain – first. The opposite direction should feel the roughest, which is against the grain.

Keep in mind that your beard likely changes directions in different areas of your face and neck.

Wet the badger brush with warm tap water. Use a circular motion over the soap to build up a good amount of lather. Use the badger brush to apply the lather over your beard and shave. When you're done, simply rinse off the brush and hang it to dry on the brush and razor stand.

The weather is usually drier during the winter months, these tips can have you looking great and are a good routine to get into:

Moisturize more frequently. Use a little extra moisturizer on the dryer areas of your skin. Make sure you are using the right cleansers. There are some cleansers with a high detergent content that can be irritating and can lead to chapped hands, dermatitis and dryness.

Find a mild facial wash (Boots No. 7 for men is an affordable and excellent choice) and a light facial scrub to remove dead skin and most importantly a moisturizer to soothe skin.

The daily care and maintenance of the skin is an essential process to maintain not only a clean face for shaving but to help improve the look and feel of the skin which can get damaged by free radicals in the environment.

Ditch the gel-to-foam creams and mass market triple bladed razor and swap with Van Der Hagen's shaving bowl, a puck of high quality shave soap and a bristle brush.

The VDH Set Features the Following:

• Hypoallergenic shave soap with glycerin and Shea, Mango and Cocoa butters

• 100 percent pure badger-hair brush to lather in luxury

• Classic monogrammed brush and apothecary mug

• Chrome-plated brass construction safety razor with a butterfly opening mechanism • Heavy-duty chrome-plated combination razor and brush stand

• Pack of five premium stainless steel, ice-tempered, Teflon coated double-edge razor blades


Based in Texas, van der Hagen Enterprises is the premier specialty bar soap manufacturer in the world.

The van der Hagen's have supplied soaps to many of the most respected companies in the personal care industry including: Avon, Harrods (UK), Bath & Body Works, Liz Claiborne, The Body Shop (UK), Michael Jordan, Boots (UK), O'Boticario (Brazil), Elizabeth Arden, Walt Disney, Estee' Lauder and Warner Bros. to name a few.

van der Hagen Enterprises employs the old fashioned kettle process. During this process, carefully selected ingredients are added to a heated kettle by a master compounder according to exacting temperatures. Once complete, the thin liquid is poured into molds, run through a cooling tunnel and hand packed.

The result? A unique formula which contains over 40% humectant moisturizers. In addition, the Deluxe Shave Soap contains Aloe Vera & Shea Butter and the Glycerin Shave Soap contains Vitamin E & Oat Extract. The kettle process is more labor intensive and the finer ingredients more expensive but the results speak for themselves. Van der Hagen shave soaps not only provide for the closest shave, they are also hypo-allergenic and rinse more completely than typical soaps, leaving your face feeling soft and smooth.


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