Cooking 101: BAKED Bakery in Brooklyn, Bravo!

Cooking 101 is an ongoing Monsters and Critics' series that celebrates the tools, tricks and treats that makes America salivate. Brooklyn bakery BAKED is in our spotlight:

I am a card carrying, Southern Californian Los Angelina from the Westside, I love the diversity of our people, the proximity to the beaches and the mountains and the fact that I can wear shorts in October but let’s not kid ourselves, New York is the mecca of all things culinary. 

Sure we have amazing taco trucks and cupcake shops, but New York has the tastiest pizza, chewiest bagels, and Cantonese style Chinese food that I crave on a regular basis. Now the city that never sleeps is cornering the market on baked goodies with Brookyn’s own BAKED bakery.

BAKED is not your average cookie-cutter bakery!

BAKED has award winning classic American desserts with a modern twist.  The “Gentlemen Bakers”, as they are referred to, experiment with seasonal ingredients, flavors, textures and presentations.

I was lucky enough to taste a few samples of their BAKED goodies.  On Friday, I got a box of brownies from the bakery… on Sunday they were gone.

Wait a sec, before you accuse me of going completely off the wagon and filling my pie hole with brownies for 48 hours, you have to know that I shared them with my friend!

The box included the original Deep Dark brownie that I fell in love with, It had just the right amount of dark chocolate without falling into the bitter area.  Not too sweet and not too dark.  This is the most perfect brownie I have ever tasted. 

I suggest putting in your order for Xmas right now because I plan to buy them out of this delectable treat.

There was also a Brown Sugar Blondie that was more cookie than brownie but still scrumptious.  And, the Sweet and Salty, which is infused with caramel and fleur de sel, I found this one to be a bit too sweet and salty for my palette but if you are in PMS mode, this is the treat you want handy.  It is gooey and fudgy and sweet and salty, everything a woman on the fringes of losing sanity wants nearby to keep her from jumping into evil mode.

Just a little back story on BAKED: In 2005, after leaving the advertising world to pursue their passion for sweet treats, Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito opened BAKED in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The “Gentleman Bakers” created a hip, cool and comfortable atmosphere that has become an iconic destination for both locals and people from all over the world to visit.

Today, BAKED fans across the country do not have to travel far to satisfy their sweet cravings. BAKED cookbooks, granola, cake mixes and bakeware allow fans to enjoy BAKED sweet treats in the luxury of their own home!

Not only are the Gentleman Bakers proprietors of fine desserts but they are also published authors of three best-selling cookbooks, BAKED: New Frontiers In Baking, Baked: Explorations and Baked: Elements.  These cook books are filled with recipes from the bakery, as well as favorites from Matt’s and Renato’s fact-finding dessert research. Each book highlights BAKED updated take on traditional American desserts, creating new favorites for generations to enjoy.

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