Bed of Nails punctures the pain bubble

Have you heard of this torturous new trend in relaxation called Bed of Nails? 

All of Hollywood seems to have discovered this home acupressure treatment kit and yet no one told me about it. They say just 10 minutes a day of lying on a faux nail mat and all the ills of the world should wash away from your body.  I volunteered to be your tester and you will thank me after you understand exactly what it is!!

The Bed of Nails mat has 6,000 spikes attached that once you lay on it, it stimulates natural neurotransmitters and hormones like endorphins: You know the happy hormones that give you energy and adrenaline.  And Oxytocin, the natural hormone that can help the body recuperate and create a sense of calm and satisfaction.  Happy hormones plus satisfaction in only 10 minutes a day!!  Wow, who needs a boyfriend when you have the Bed of Nails… plus there is probably a lot less arguing about the whole wet spot issue.  

Bed of Nails is a Swedish reinvention of a thousands year old yogi tradition… aren’t the Swedes the same people who introduced scalding saunas and freezing ice water baths and don’t they put herring in everything, even desserts?  

Anyway, If you know me you know that I love a good massage. I’ve been to half the spas in town on the hunt for relief for back issues from high heels, bad posture, sitting at a desk too long, working out and of course, the kicker, big boobs.  So shiatsu, acupuncture, stretching… basically anything that will get my back and mind relaxed and calmly buzzing is ok in my book. 

Here’s a little secret, I sometime get pedicures just so I can sit in the massage chairs for 30 minutes.  Seriously, how fabulous is it to get a foot massage while sitting in a massage chair??

So as I was saying...Hollywood is falling in love with Bed of Nails….Britney Spears, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lopez all swear by it.  It’s even taken the reality world by storm, all the Kardashians are purported to each have one (don’t get me started on the Kardashians!!) and so does Real Housewife  of Orange County, Alexis Bellino who says; “ I Love it!  I use it at night-time to relax and give me a rest while watching TV”.  Hey, after all the torture the Real Housewives put on TV, I’m kind of happy that a company has figure out how to return the favor.

Many pro athletes are also fans of Bed of Nails, including several of the (NHL) Red Wings players who use its as part of their training and rehab during practices.

Okay, I finally garnered enough “nerve” to lay down on the Bed of Nails and after the initial weird pleasure/pain sensation, two words came to mind:  Ouch and Ahhhhh.  It was very “50 Shades…”  It was a little scratchy at first but as you lay there for a few minutes you do get a wash of relaxation over your body from the “spikes” hitting the nerves with just the right amount of pressure.  It was great until my dog decided he wanted to jump on my tummy.  Take it from me, do this in a pet-free zone or you will feel much more Ouch than Ahhhh.

But, even better than the Bed of Nails is the Pillow of Nails!  It’s the same basic principle but you use it on your lower back or your neck to relieve stress and aches,  I discovered that if you put it under your desk you have an entire day of foot massages.  I just roll my bare feet up and down the plastic spikes and whatever feet and leg aches I had are gone. It’s foot nirvana.


Retail: Mat: $39.95 and Pillow $24.95

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