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‘Mad Men’ Inspired Classic Cocktails From Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin

nolets gin

Have you upped your fashion game since Mad Men is back on the air? This is the last season of the period TV drama on AMC that has made everyone acutely aware of foundational garments, perfectly arched eyebrows, men’s accessories, suits and the little touches that made everyone so much more “put together” back in […]

Wear This Not That: Smart Fashion For Spring to Summer 2014


This is the time of year for layers, when the nights are cold but the days can be warm or even hot depending on where you are. Invest in a few fabulous basic pieces for outerwear, bathing suits and shoes and you are set to handle anything heading your way up through Memorial Day Weekend […]

Eat This Not That: Best in the Best of Sports Venue Eats


There is nothing so wholesome, so typically Americana as a family spending the day together at one of the many beautiful stadiums, arenas, fields or sports venues across this great land of ours watching young men and women barely out of high school, many of whom can barely speak English play in some of our […]

Chico’s FAS, Inc. Spearheads May is For Miracles Campaign

WHBM Creating Miracles Necklace 2014

Good Friday do-good story of the day: Chico’s FAS, Inc. and its family of brands – Chico’s, White House Black Market, Soma, and Boston Proper – have launched the fourth annual May is For Miracles campaign, a multi-faceted program to raise funds for the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® (CMN Hospitals) across the United States […]

Drink This Not That: Decottopia Tonics Make Cocktail Hour Slimming


The hot Italian Comfort food Diet that whittled 30 pounds of “So Y0u Think You Can Dance” star Mary Murphy and KFI-AM radio personality and comedian Monique Marvez is growing by leaps and bounds in the USA. Already a household name throughout Europe and a staple at five star hotels and restaurants on the Island […]

Chelsea Clinton Expecting First Child, Time to Work On ‘Inner Baby Carriage’


The news that Chelsea Clinton is expecting her first child this Fall, and now is the time the new mother-to-be needs to work on what fitness expert Jill Miller calls “the inner baby carriage.” Clinton, the 34-year-old daughter of former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, announced Thursday that she and […]

2014 Fashion and Medicine Fashion Show by Chateau Moda Runway Pictures


We have added a set pictures from the event 2014 ‘Fashion and Medicine’ Fashion Show by Chateau Moda  Runway. Guests included Andrea Rincon, Tatjana Geier, Juana Schwarz, Vanessa Schwarz and Sylvia Sylver. Photos are copyright by Glenn Francis / Andrea Rincon  during the 2014 “Fashion and Medicine” Fashion Show by Chateau Moda  Runway at […]

Sue Wong ‘Edwardian Romance Fashion Show Fall 2014 Collection

Blanca Blanco, John Savage and Betsey Johnson - Sue Wong "Edwardian Romance" Fashion Show Fall 2014 Collection on  April 11, 2014 - Sue Wong Showroom - Los Angeles, CA, USA  Photo copyright by Winston  Burris / PR Photos

We have added a set pictures from the event Sue Wong ‘Edwardian Romance’ Fashion Show Fall 2014 Collection on April 11, 2014. Guests included Blanca Blanco, Master Romio Shrestha and Sue Wong,  Vida Ghaffari, Countess Michelle Czerin von Chudenitz Morzin and Maitland Ward. Photos are copyright by Winston Burris / PR Photos. Model during the […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Orthopaedic Medicine Misconceptions


Orthopaedic medicine is more than just foot issues.  It’s the entire musculoskeletal system that a trained specialist deals with. With more than 600,000 procedures performed every year, total knee replacements (TKR) represent one of the most common surgeries in the U.S.  A new innovation in this procedure called Surgical Navigation uses the latest in digital […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Lyme Disease


Lyme disease, it’s not just for the east coasters! Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness in North America and Europe. A disgusting burrowing parasite latches on to you and infuses your blood with nasty Borrelia burgdorferi …all while you were trying to get a good hike in for the day. Deer ticks, which […]

The Finesse of Fillers, The Subtle Art of Staving Off Surgery

WGS at MOSC  001 2013

The first time I met board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens at a recent luncheon, my guess was he was late 40s early 50s. He shared with me he was 61 years-old, and that he, like many of us, was going to age on his terms. “I’m going down kicking and screaming,” said Dr. […]

Adult Stem Cells ‘Fountain of Youth’ For The Spine

meso 4

21st century medicine has turned an exciting corner. Adult stem cells are proving to be the panacea for aching backs and more. Successful clinical trials are underway for an innovative treatment by the firm Mesoblast using stem cell injections for chronic back pain. Their research continues to gain international attention. As showcased April 1, 2014 […]

Top 5 Things Americans Need to Know About Haggis


In Los Angeles,  the Tam O’Shanter is a landmark restaurant. For the uninitiated, this oversized cozy destination is filled with all things Scottish, including the uniforms of the wait staff  and even the music playing. Walls of Scotch whiskey and ale serve as a backdrop to the bar.  It’s a masculine restaurant with comfortable booths […]

Top 5 Allergy Symptom Fighting Strategies

raskin at work

Health Spotlight: Guest commentator Dr. Damon Raskin is a go-to medical expert for many in Southern California. He shares his Top 5 Allergy Symptom Fighting Strategies and urges people reading this to dig deeper and go see a doctor if any of these are troubling you. Spring has officially sprung and the more temperate weather […]

Top 5 Medical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

raskin male

Health Spotlight: Guest commentator Dr. Damon Raskin is a go-to medical expert for many in Southern California. He shares his Top 5 Medical Symptoms You Should Never Ignore list and urges people reading this to dig deeper and go see a doctor if any of these are troubling you. When you think of adult health, […]

HGTV Star and Artist David Bromstad Kicks Up Naturalizer Brand For Spring

david main

Artist David Bromstad is a divining rod for all things optimistic and cheerful in his approach to design. He is noted for his HGTV series “Color Splash,” where he transforms tired rooms into vibrant, unforgettable spaces. Along with his Miami-based team, David creates beautiful, unique designs that play off of color. Bromstad’s art school took […]

Sauza and Midori Original Recipe Margarita for St. Patrick’s Day!


  Drink This Not That: For my holiday loving readers, Monday is officially St. Patrick’s Day, but since today is Saturday, you can bet the celebrations begin now! St. Patrick was actually a British nobleman (born around 400 A.D.) who was nabbed by Irish pirates at the age of 16. Enslaved in Ireland, the young […]

Drink This Not That: Buttered Brain Coffee? Bulletproof It

Bulletproof Coffee in a Glass

If you were to tell me I would be drinking coffee again, after giving it up back in 2005, I would have snorted. No way was I going back to the Java, after detoxing off the bitter brew and going head first into tea. I preferred traditionals like English/Irish Breakfast and Chinese varieties like Blue […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Concierge Medicine Is Appealing To More People


Until recently, concierge medicine was the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, willing to pay up to $10,000 or more a year to have a doctor to attend to their ever whim, and be the guardian of their short and long term health. Now, however, the biggest increase in Americans signing up for concierge […]