‘Life Below Zero’ Fire and Ice, National Geographic Channel May 15th VIDEOS

ice 2TV Picks:  Life Below Zero this Thursday, May. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

This is a fantastic reality docuseries about real Alaskans in Noorvik, where Chip and Agnes Hailstone navigate the stark weather with their seven children. Agnes is a native Inupiaq and immensely likeable.

Erik Salitan lives in Wiseman, and he goes hunting often for deer on Kodiak Island and likes the simpler, rougher lifestyle that Alaska has to offer.



Then there is Andy and Kate Bassich, who live outside Eagle, Alaska. This couple has about 25 dogs and also make their living off the land up there.

In this next episode, to make ends meet, Andy and Kate teach subsistence and survival skills, and Cody Allen has ventured into the bush from Oregon to learn how to live off the land from the experts.

In Kavik, Sue preps her weapon arsenal as bears are still roaming the tundra, hungry for food. In Wiseman, Erik must prepare for the meat he will bring in from his upcoming hunting trips.

In Noorvik, the Hailstones need essential seal oil. Agnes and two of her children must fly to a nearby village for a seal hunt.