Leverage: Season Four – DVD Review

Leverage comes to DVD with the fourth season. Fans don’t want to miss this smart and funny show or a fourth season that amps up all the ingredients that work so great. If you haven’t seen Leverage, you are missing out on a great ensemble cast with loads of chemistry.

Some shows you can just tell that the cast is having as much fun making the show as the audience is watching it.  This is one of those shows. Timothy Hutton plays Nathan Ford who works with a team of con artists to ‘make things right’ and fight the corrupt corporate world and anyone else who rips off the ‘little guys’. Think Robin Hood mixed with a little of The A-Team.

With a wonderful ensemble that includes Hutton at the helm, this ‘smart A-team’ show really delivers. It is funny, action packed, and clever. Just when you think the bad guys might have won, it becomes all part of the plot and the con.

Gina Bellman plays Sophie Devereaux, who with her sexy English accent, can con the cons, the grifter. Christian Kane plays Eliot Spenser, who is a Special Forces type, the muscle, the hitter of the group. Aldis Hodge plays Alec Hardison, who is the group’s computer person and hacker. Beth Riesgraf plays Parker, just Parker, who is the master thief and can crack any safe. This season sees Hardison messing with Parker as he builds a robot that can also crack safes. Parker becomes jealous of the robot which provides for some really funny moments! The two characters also spark a romance, or as close to a romance as Parker comes.

Together, with Ford leading them, they take on a different case each episode and give back to the little guy or gal in the end. In that way, the show is very formulaic, but the back and forth banter between the cast members seems real and really works. It is a formula, but the show succeeds on the strength of really great writing and loads of chemistry from the ensemble cast. No matter how tired you get from the formula, the show keeps you wanting to watch episode after episode.

The character of Nathan Ford is ingenious because he is the flawed hero. He is a drunk that is operating sans drink, though this season we see him drinking, and even ending up accidently at an AA meeting (How does that happen? Have to watch!). The group always ends up back at their watering hold, the Irish Pub they gather at, at the end of each episode.

But Ford is a very redeemable character as the audience sees him continually fighting the good fight (with the help of the others, of course), a modern day Robin Hood. He also starts a casual romance with Sophie.

I call this show a ‘smart A-team’ because of the technology involved. Most episodes make use of computers and computer conning and Aldis Hodge really shines as Alec, their hacker. You can get several comparisons to The A-Team, but this show also stands on its own, and I believe that is due to Timothy Hutton’s performance and the talented ensemble cast he is surrounded with.

This season is no different from the last three in formula. We see various people and ethnic groups needing Ford and team’s help—from a skirmish in the Middle East, to the Hispanic world, to the frozen peaks of Alaska. He also lends a hand to people at home, helping a family redeem their father’s funeral plans from a crooked family of undertakers. There is also the season long story that is playing out in the background and becomes the season end cliffhanger or tease to keep you watching next season.

The DVD comes with some fun features for fan of the show – audio commentary on all of the episodes, a behind the scenes look at the show, some deleted scenes, a special of the writer’s job, and my favorite, the gag reel, which really proves the cast is having so much fun!

If you haven’t seen this show season, then by all means, pick up the other seasons, and then watch this one. It won’t disappoint. It is television entertainment at its finest – smart, clever, funny, and heart-warming all at the same time. High recommended.

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