Lethal – Book Review

Honor Gillette rushes out to help a sick man who appears at her isolated home.  Unfortunately, Lee Coburn has been accused of murdering seven people.  Dangerous, desperate and armed; Coburn promises Honor that she and her young daughter will not be hurt as long as she does all that he asks. 

She has no choice but to accept. Soon it becomes clear that Coburn did not stumble on her home by accident. 

Her late husband had something he wanted – so valuable that Coburn will do anything to get it.  So will others.  Is Coburn all that he seems?  Who are the villains and who are the goodies?  Nothing is clear.  Honor has difficult choices to make.  Who can she believe?  To find the answers she has to carry out her own investigation, never knowing just who to trust.

A mixture of detection combined with romantic suspense.  It is a story which does keep you guessing as to what will happen next.  A good thriller which will be enjoyed by anyone who likes the books of Karen Rose and Mary Burton.

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