Leonardo DiCaprio is disgusted by non voters

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is disgusted by non voters.

Google has announced that several film stars including Forest Whitaker, Leonardo DiCaprio and Dustin Hoffman joined forces Wednesday in a campaign to get US citizens to vote in the coming presidential election.

The celebrities make PSA’s in a “5 Friends” YouTube video that warns people their rights and futures are at stake and asks them to wield power over the outcome by voting.

The marquee idols urge people to send “5 Friends” so it spreads, as one actress says, “rampant like herpes but for a positive.”

“If you’re not going to vote I don’t even know what to say to you anymore,” DiCaprio says after the video turns serious. “You know you have to vote.”

Celebrities in the various themed videos direct viewers to here for geographically-tailored information about voting and voter registration.

“There’s a lot of buzz about turnout this year, but one in four Americans still aren’t registered to vote,” Google said on its website, citing US Census data.

“Now is the time — voter registration deadlines are less than a week away in most states.”

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