Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet talk about their cinematic reunion

Leonardo DiCaprio has not seen “Titanic” in over 10 years.

It’s been more than ten years since the release of Titanic and fans can finally rejoice – Leo and Kate are back together again.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are reuniting on-screen for “Revolutionary Road” and they couldn’t be more excited.

“It was everything I could’ve hoped for and more!” exclaimed Winslet to Extra.

Revealing whose idea it was to reunite, DiCaprio said, “I think it was Kate’s idea to reunite for this film, seeing that she shepherded this project for almost five years. 

When asked if anything has changed in the past decade, Winslet admits that DiCaprio is “nicer than he was before. He’s funnier than he was before.”  DiCaprio added, “Obviously she’s a mother now which is amazing.”

Revolutionary Road director Sam Mendes is also Winslet’s husband which made filming sex scenes a bit awkward for the actors.

DiCaprio explained, “I selfishly didn’t think about how her husband might feel or how she might feel.  I was just like, ‘Let’s do this!’”

DiCaprio was asked by a fan, “When was the last time you watched Titanic?” DiCaprio responded, “I actually don’t see many of my movies.  I go to the premiere and then I kind of never see them again.”

“Extra’s” interview with Leo and Kate airs tonight.



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