Lauren Conrad’s L.A. Candy tops NY Times Bestseller list

“The Hills” are alive with the sound of literary snobs screaming in disgust and despair, as MTV star of the hottest full of baloney reality series, “The Hills,” Lauren Conrad, has a hit New York Times bestseller on her hands.

L.A. Candy, Conrad’s young-adult novel, has landed at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list for Children’s Chapter Books for two weeks in a row.

“If someone said to me five years ago when this all started that I would one day make the New York Times Best Seller list, I wouldn’t have believed it,” Conrad told People. “I am so honored that it is now a reality.”

The book is the first of a trilogy series about a girl, Jane Roberts, who moves to Los Angeles and finds fame on a reality show. “It was such a compliment to be included in something with such established names,” Conrad added of her appearance on the list.

Conrad told MTV News that the novel was no roman à clef: “I didn’t take anything specifically that happened to me. The only thing that I did was … it was a way to show not necessarily me but just the other side of being on a show like ours,” Conrad said. “I think people already think some of the characters are based on certain characters, but the thing is, I think everyone has certain people in their life. Everyone has someone they really don’t get along with. Everyone has a best friend. They have their parents. They have all these different people in their life, and so does this character [Jane], and they all represent different people who change you.”

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