Laura Dern blames ten year old Ellen kiss for career backlash

Laura Dern blames her lack of work on a ten year old kiss with Ellen DeGeneres on television.

CNN reports that ten years after the smooch, Dern appeared with Ellen on Monday on DeGeneres’ syndicated talk show to reflect on the “aftermath.”

DeGeneres, 49, came out of the closet in real life while her sitcom character’s coming-out episode aired too, Dern kissed the comedian during a guest shot on the ABC series as Ellen’s “lesbian love interest.”

Dern claimed to Ellen “she couldn’t get an acting job for more than a year afterward.”

“There was certainly backlash, I guess, (that) we all felt from it,” she told DeGeneres, who said she “was sorry” and “had no idea” that Dern was toast in Tinseltown.

Her career in the deep freezer was “awfully terrifying,” recalled Dern, who said she’s grateful for the “extraordinary experience and opportunity” to be a part of the historic “out” episode, which also featured Oprah Winfrey, Demi Moore and Melissa Etheridge.

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