Last year, Pippa’s butt, this year, Kate’s nose – one top plastic surgeon’s warning

What IS the perfect nose?

One top plastic surgeon in California says it is the best one overall for your features, not just a copycat of popular celebrities and royals.

The never ending trend in fashionable body parts has gone from Pippa Middleton’s rear end to sister Duchess Kate’s pug nose.

Case in point: Kate Middleton, wife of William and now a duchess. The year she wed her Prince William, her sister Pippa Middleton caused a worldwide rush to recreate what was dubbed the “Pippa Butt” by the media, as women went to have gluteal sculpting and fat transfers to recreate the perky derriere.

Remember when everyone wanted the “Rachel” haircut from Friends? If it didn’t work for you, no problem, you just wanted for it to grow up, but you can’t do that with a celebrity look-a-like nose. You are stuck with it, even after it isn’t fashionable any more.

Now Kate’s nose is the rage, as girls are flooding board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Fodor’s offices in Century City, California to achieve what some describe as the “perfect nose.”

“Spring break is one of the most popular times to have rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Fodor. “It’s the perfect downtime for a more involved procedure that takes some time to heal.”

“The best nose for any face is one that fits the surrounding features and is proportionally correct, thereby enhancing beauty instead of the dreaded cookie cutter noses that reveal the uninspired work of a lesser surgeon,” says Dr. Fodor.

Which is why what Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter B. Fodor – among the top 1% of U.S. Plastic Surgeons according to U.S. News and celebrity surgeon to the stars – has to say is so important. Dr. Fodor rules out surgery for about 50% of the people who want to engage his services.

Dr. Fodor tells the truth about what to expect throughout the process of any plastic surgery procedure, even if its not what the patient wants to hear.


According to data from one of England’s top cosmetic surgery centers, requests for Kate’s nose have tripled since 2011.

“Diana Princess of Wales had a rather strong nose, not at all pug and perky like her son’s wife,” says Dr. Fodor. “Her face was beautiful, and her nose worked with her features. Beauty is measured in millimeters, and often times what seems like a detriment in the looks department is often a women (or man’s) greatest ally. Imperfection can be an exquisite thing taken in context with the whole picture.”

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