Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: New Year’s Eve Preview VIDEO

john-oliver-hbo_article_story_largeOne of our top TV picks in the year end list for 2014 was HBO’s Last Week With John Oliver.

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The art of the political and news chat show has been honed, polished and perfected by Daily Show alum John Oliver, whose take on the world is unflinchingly sane and honest and smart. Using a lasered sense of fair play and logic, Oliver gets to the ugly heart of whatever is grinding his gears, and he dances as loquacious British men do, ever so eloquently on specific topics better than the brilliant Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart ever did. That’s saying something.

Oliver’s clever arsenal is less comic snark and preening like Bill Maher, and more facts and in-depth reporting on student loans, usury pay day loan operations, and net neutrality to the state lotteries and beyond. He carves each topic up like a nifty table-side chef carving a roast. He’s using his big English words and elevating the shared language standards, not dumbing down his rants and raves. All we can say is “hear hear” for this bright, funny man with a sense of decency.

Below is a clip to the Last Week With John Oliver’s New Year’s Eve web exclusive!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: New Year’s Eve: