Land of Umpires

“As They See ‘Em: A Fan’s Travels in the Land of Umpires” is the latest title by Bruce Weber.

After having worked as a theatre critic for the NYT, he now examines the lives of umpires in this new book.

According to the AP: “Weber joins their ranks and attends an umpiring school that has the feel of a military boot camp — complete with imperious, threatening instructors. He also presides over amateur games and comes to understand the amount of skill and professionalism it takes just to call a smooth nine-inning game.”

PW notes: “Baseball fans will love the insightful, richly textured account of Weber trying to master the plate stance, monitoring each pitch and maintaining a proper strike zone in a physically demanding occupation. However, his book lifts heads-and-shoulders above other baseball tomes by putting a funny, surprising treasury of anecdotes from the sport at its entertaining core.”

Published by Scribner, curious readers can visit the AP review, where it is also noted that: “… but what comes afterward is an engaging and in-depth look at those other men on the baseball diamond.”


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