Lance Armstrong kisses and tells on ex Sheryl Crow

Discretion is dead these days, as champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong reveals the very personal reasons for his breakup with rocker Sheryl Crow to the public.

Armstrong reveals in his memoir that it was Crow’s deafening biological clock that killed their relationship in February 2006.

The Tour de France winner and cancer survivor published excerpts in advance of the July release of the book “Lance” (Da Capo) by author John Wilcockson.

The New York Post printed some of the selections from his book.

Armstrong says that after he and Crow were engaged in 2005, before her 44th birthday, their relationship devolved into “kind of a struggle.”

“She wanted marriage, she wanted children; and not that I didn’t want that, but I didn’t want that at that time because I had just gotten out of a marriage, I’d just had kids [Luke, Grace and Bella],” Armstrong, 37, shares in his book. “Yet we’re up against her biological clock — that pressure is what cracked it.”

The athlete says they went to counseling, “but really there’s no way to counsel that situation.”

“Because if somebody wants a child — man, that’s the greatest gift you can give to a woman — so who are you to stand there and say I don’t want one. So we were at different points in our lives. We were not compatible on that issue.”

Since the break up, Sheryl Crow adopted a baby boy.  In December 2008, Armstrong revealed that his girlfriend Anna Hansen is pregnant with his naturally conceived baby. His new baby is due next month.

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