Lana Del Rey has a friend in Whitney Cummings

Singer Lana Del Rey had an awkward network TV debut on “Saturday Night Live”
 that spurred NBC comedian and actress Whitney Cummings to come to her defense. reports that Del Rey had a relaxed take on her appearance that earned some critical chatter afterwards.

“You can’t expect too much from my show,” Del Rey said. “…Sometimes I feel less nervous than other times,” she added. “I don’t love live television. The only tip I have is just pray and just hope that things work out.”

“[It] depends on the day,” Del Rey said. “Depends on what’s going on with my family and everyone around me. If I have other things to think about, or I’m trying to get things done for somebody else, and I’m not in my own way, then … I’m like, ‘This doesn’t really matter.’ Sometimes it seems more important to me than other times.”

Whitney Cummings, who is the star of her own NBC comedy, blogged her thoughts on Del Rey’s SNL appearance:

“I have many random thoughts. First, everybody calm down,” she wrote. “It’s a little troubling that when a young girl fails at something that we keep kicking her why she is down. I get very protective of girls, especially young performers, because they live a hard, emotionally challenging, often physically challenging life where you are constantly given reasons to be insecure and have panic attacks. I totally get the stuff about her not deserving to be there and I don’t mean to insult musicians in any way if that’s how they feel obviously, but this is an opportunity to show us how hard being a performer is so maybe they can all be cut some slack.”

Cummings added, “It takes a long time to get good, and even when you are good…Plus if you are a woman you also get fashion criticism and if you’re a pretty woman you’re accused of having plastic surgery and if you’re not you’re ‘busted’ and people blog about how they don’t want to f— you … it’s not ideal.”


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