Lady GaGa rocks, Megan Joy squawks, and Spade ditches his gum; Idol results

The single mom from Utah who had her own Edie Brickell-ish Bohemian-style, and a fetching tattoo sleeve to boot was sent flying home last night.

The news was delivered by judge Simon Cowell, who could barely contain his disdain as he dismissed Megan Joy Corkrey to join the ranks of ex contestants for the FOX reality show American Idol.

“I’m not going to pretend that we’re even going to contemplate saving you,” bristled Simon Cowell.

Now post-show, we find out courtesy of Los Angeles’ own weather siren Jillian Barberie on KTLA’s Good Morning LA show that Ryan Seacrest was suffering from an intestinal flu and was on an IV prior to the broadcast. “If people only knew how sick he was,” said Barberie, who shared her “goat girl” imitation as the morning team wondered what sort of bird Megan Joy was mimicking as she mugged onstage last night.

We also find out David Spade was busted putting his gum under the seat, captured on tape. He is in the upper right corner, behind Randy, have a gander:

But pretty isn’t enough sometimes, you must have some personality, and unfortunately, Megan Joy was no Steve Wosniak in that department.  She never endeared herself to anyone.  Her arrogance was the big fat nail in her AI coffin with the judges, who began the series just loving her. 

Wosniak aka “Woz” was the kindly charmer with two left feet on ABC reality show “Dancing with the Stars,” whose affable nature probably kept him on the show for at least three episodes longer than he should have been. No one wanted him to go.

Megan Joy’s spontaneous stage cawing and arm flapping was a bit much too.

The other two low vote bottom-three were soulful crooner, UNC graduate student Anoop Desai and teen rock queen Allison Iraheta. Why Allison was there is a mystery.

The best moment of the night for me was finally FINALLY seeing Lady GaGa perform.  I have seen so many silly stories about her; I was not sure of what to make of her.  An electric fiddle! Piano! Kick-ass choreography! That big-haired woman can sing, dance and is a proper musician to boot.  Awesome job on the zippered eye makeup effect on her left eye too, as she nailed “Poker Face” for the crowd.  Brilliant performance by her, and now I am a huge fan.

The show, however, was a lesson for anyone thinking of becoming a contestant in the future. If you anger Simon, you will pay for it.

Simon always has the last word. ”With the greatest respect,” he said, ”when you said that you don’t care, nor do we. So I’m not going pretend that we’re contemplating saving you. So this is your swan song. Enjoy it.”

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