Lady Gaga on Jazz, Finding Her Happy Place, and her Enormous Fashion Archive

Yahoo Style interviewed legendary pop-star and fashion icon Lady Gaga about the recently released Cheek to Cheek, an album of jazz standards performed and recorded with the eternally suave Tony Bennett. It marks a new era for the ever-evolving artist. Yahoo Style caught up with “Lady” (as she introduced herself) to talk about her most recent stylistic shift, documented in the selfie portraits that she sent exclusively to Yahoo Style.

Some highlights include:

· How her fashion has differed with the new album:

I tend to reflect my fashion with my mood. During ArtPop my mood was kind of a mess. It was erratic. I was shape shifting on a daily basis trying to find my happiness. With Cheek to Cheek, it’s totally different. I’m in a serene place. I feel I’m my peaceful, young musician self. I’ve been enjoying dressing up, and you know, feeling like a lady. I had been working with Tony for two years recording, and [when we started] I was quite blond, but I found the sexuality of it all to be quite distracting. It was unnatural in a way. So I began to experiment with the hair that I had back in high school. It was dark and curly. More natural. Something about jazz makes me not care about the way I look.

· Whether she’s channeling anyone specifically with her varied looks:

I feel like I carry the spirit of many fashionistas that came before me. I feel a very strong kinship to them. The history of art and the history of fashion are very important to me. My fashion is something that people are going to pay attention to. They are going to talk about it. I feel very deeply for Isabella Blow. For Alexander McQueen. His fearlessness is something that I think about a lot. With this album, I am channeling his rebelliousness. Because if you think about it jazz is the most rebellious form of music. It’s totally different from my previous message where there was an intention behind each look. Jazz brings out the fighter in me. The type of clothes that I’ve been wearing is less form fitting. Other days I’ll wear something more corseted and glamorous.

· Whether Tony Bennett ever comments on her style:

I sort of expected him to be honest. I kind of expected him to say, ‘Oh she really shouldn’t wear that or perhaps you’d want to try this,’ but Tony is very open to who I am. He’s very accepting of me as a person and as an artist. I’ll come downstairs wearing a dress, and he’ll say, ‘Oh Lady, you look so different today, so beautiful. Thank you for always looking so nice.’ He has a different view on things… around that time there was Ginger Rogers who dressed so beautifully. So elegant. So I think of her. I am a woman of many references. That’s what I want my fans to take away from all of this. You can be every icon. With ArtPop you put the art first, and now I get to put my money where my mouth is. I’m doing a most rebellious thing by singing jazz. It’s so complex and so improvisational.