Lady Gaga gets ‘freeky’ for her next incarnation

Is someone trying too hard to out “freeky” Yo-Landi Visser of Die Antwoord?

The South African Zef rave rap band dismissed an offer from Lady Gaga to open for her, and the recovering “Born This Way” singer seems to be less camp and cray cray hats and trying to be more like the grunge-y sexy rapper who fronts a band famous for videos that push all kinds of sexual boundaries.

Gaga got her septum pierced, and the piercing studio posted this photo of her to Facebook with the caption, “Lady Gaga stopped by MasterMind Ink today and had our Head Piercer and Manager Steve Bennett pierce her septum.” MasterMind Ink Custom Tattoo Studio

Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Tara Savelo captured the whole process and posted it to YouTube (below).

Gaga can be seen lying on her back while a man pierces her nose, a promo for her third studio album “ARTPOP” pops up.

Gaga is scheduled to perform her first single off her new album at the MTV Video Music Awards next month.


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