Kristy Love’s Giant Knockers on TLC Tonight! VIDEO


Well, the lord giveth and then in some cases he giveth and giveth and…well that’s on the 7th day he invented breast reduction surgery.

Imagine you have Size 48NN Boobs, and you aren’t on hallucinogenics, you’re for real straight up cursed with mammaries from hell. Meet Kristy Love, who is making the most out of her ample bosoms to find fame, fortune and a man.


TLC’s Strange Love airs tonight!

Kristy Love is “blessed” with 48NN breasts, and they weigh a total of 31.6 pounds, and she’s looking for a man who is interested in her for her, not her girls.

She says, “It’s time for me to find a man!”

Hey, did you forget your backpack? No worries! She has you covered: “In between my cleavage I carry my perfume, my cell phone, my car keys, my driver’s license,” she explains.

Strange Love airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.