Kristin Chenoweth Interview On Wendy Williams VIDEO

Kristin Chenoweth today revealed on “The Wendy Williams Show” that she’ll soon be returning to Broadway. The performer also talked about her boyfriend meeting the parents and the surprising inspiration for the new hair style she’s working toward.


With an upcoming concert at Carnegie Hall, Kristin also teased the audience with the revelation that she has plans in the works to return to Broadway. “Soon there’s going to be an announcement. But within the year I’ll be back on Broadway.”

Dating Oscar nominated producer, Dana Brunetti, for seven months, Kristin opened up about the response she gets when visiting her family in Oklahoma. “I’m the girl that comes home and they’re like, ‘yeah she’s not married’.” She went on to add that her family’s meal-time ritual was cause for confusion with Dana, “I’ve had some great men in my life and this is another one. He’s a great guy. Wendy, now you know, we have probably similar backgrounds you and me. We pray at the table and hold hands. Not if we’re at Cracker Barrel, but if we’re at a nice place we will. But he’s like, my dad goes [mimics holding hands to pray]…and Dana’s like [awkward]. I should have warned him.”

After being persuaded by Jennifer Lopez to cut her hair short, Kristin revealed the inspiration for the new style she’s growing out. “I can’t believe I’m going to reference this, but you know Yolanda Foster on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Her hair color and her hair cut, I love. It’s like, a little bit, it’s almost like yours in the front row right there. It’s like that. But I would go really, really blonde, which I would need help with, obviously, some chemicals on my hair. But that cut, is what I like.” She added, “I know all about extensions, mine come from Russia.”

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