Kris Humphries seeks an annulment on his marriage to Kim Kardashian

NBA Basketball player Kris Humphries has filed for an annulment on his 72-day marriage to reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Humphries, 26, has cited fraud as his reason for the annulment. It is claimed he thought Kardashian only wanted to get married in order to boost the ratings on her reality TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

Sources told TMZ, “Humphries felt he was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardahshian’s latest headline and newest business venture.”

A source also said “Once they were finished taping, she just didn’t need a groom anymore.”

Sources very close to Kim stated to TMZ that “Kim loved Kris and the marriage was legit, but just fell apart in short order.”

Kardashian, 31, filed for a divorce from Humphries on October 31st 2011 citing irreconcilable differences.

Family law attorney Scott Weston said “There’s a clear conflict if one spouse is seeking a divorce, but the other wants an annulment. A judge will have to decide which to allow, which could take many months.”

Humphries does not wish to go down the road of a divorce but instead wishes to pursue legal separation if the annulment is denied.

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