Knoxville’s 10 Years ‘Minus The Machine’ Debuts #26 On Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart

Knoxville TN’s 10 Years latest album Minus The Machine has debuted #26 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart selling nearly 12,000 copies in its first week.

The 12-song collection placed #2 on the Top Hard Music Albums chart, #8 on the Top Current Rock Albums chart and #21 on the Overall Digital Albums chart.

From the release:

MINUS THE MACHINE–which also marks 10 YEARS’ first release on their own Palehorse Records in partnership with Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group (ILG)–reached #4 on the Record Label Independent Current Albums (Indie) chart.

MINUS THE MACHINE has garnered critical acclaim, with many journalists touting it as one of the band’s best albums of their career. See press quotes below. The success has been propelled by the album’s hard driving single “Backlash” spinning nationwide at rock radio and climbing the Active Rock chart, currently #22. 10 YEARS world premiered the official music video for “Backlash” as well as an exclusive in-studio interview on FUSE TV. The dark and compelling music video has been viewed over 33,000 times.

Here’s what’s being said about MINUS THE MACHINE:

“The softer songs are more interesting and more effectively show off 10 Years’ growing competence in a recording studio –‘Forever Fields (Sowing Season)’ is based not on guitars but a recurring little piano riff that recalls ‘The Downward Spiral’-era Nine Inch Nails. The acoustic ‘Writing on the Walls’ nicely showcases the range of Hasek’s falsetto, and ‘Birth-Death’ builds drama with violins.

–Steve Knopper, NEWSDAY, 8/3/12

“It’s as stylistically diverse as anything the band has ever done, veering from punishing, heavy rock songs to brooding, pensive numbers to broader experiments that incorporate a number of different elements.”

–Steve Wildsmith, THE DAILY TIMES (Maryville, TN), 7/3/12

“Minus the Machine stands out as the best album from 10 Years yet and one of the year’s top rock records. All boundaries are gone and 10 Years stand victorious once again. We need more bands like them…”

–Rick Florino, ARTISTDIRECT.COM (4.5 out of 5 stars), 8/6/12

“Minus the Machine showcases the growth of the band, from the heaviest song ‘Knives’ to the piano and string interlude ‘Birth — Death,’ and dynamic shifting songs like ‘Writing on the Walls’ and ‘Tightrope.’  Rich with the signature vocal harmonies and crunchy guitar riffs, intermingled with solemn piano-laden tracks and atmospheric drums, this is a truly solid rock record, and perhaps the best 10 Years album yet.  I’m thrilled to see the band break out of the major label restraints and absolutely re-energize their musical influence over the genre.  They are not to be overlooked.”

–Scott Rox, AMPKICKER.COM, 8/7/12

“All in all, Minus the Machine is a true reflection of their musical personalities and opens a new chapter of their history. 10 Years offers here the best of themselves. Through a fresh and original collection of additive melodies, both heavy and soft, Minus the Machine is one of best 2012 albums.”

–EVIGSHED.COM (5 out of 5 review), 8/7/12


“‘Minus The Machine’ and ‘Battle Lust’ open the record with great vitriol. ‘Minus The Machine’ sees Ryan Johnson and Brian Vodinh’s big, punchy six-string madness careen off of punishing skins, deafening bass, and Jesse Hasek’s slithering vocal patterns, while ‘Battle Lust’ incorporates a very cool Handsome-like groove with beautiful harmonies alongside super catchy choruses. Both are killer songs that truly capture the essence of what this band is all about. From the piano laden and acoustically driven ‘Forever Fields (Sowing Season)’ and ‘Writing On The Walls,’ to the more traditional sounding tracks such as ‘Backlash,’ ‘Dancing With The Dead,’ ‘Sleeper,’ ‘Soma,’ and ‘Knives,’ all are exceptionally done, exceedingly gloomy, and as beautiful as they are haunting…Minus The Machine is an expressive, intense, and emotional journey that will surely take the listener on an exploratory odyssey into the dark hearts of four lost souls.”

–Lee Rochester, NEWMUSICREVIEW.NET, 7/24/12!/10years

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