Klass shot at by Taliban, RAF to the rescue

TV hostess Myleene Klass was shot at by Taliban troops during a trip to visit British soldiers in Afghanistan. The former Hear’Say singer Klass has revealed that she was caught in gunfire during a recent trip to Afghanistan.

The Sun reports that the 28-year-old presenter had just boarded an RAF plane, to visit the troops’ camp, when it was under attack by gunfire.

Klass said: “I had to wear a protective helmet and flak jacket. As we flew into Kabul I could hear this massive ‘thwack’ on the side of the plane.”

Klass travelled to Afghanistan to present the 59th Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers with a recognition award as part of the Pride of Britain Awards.

The RAF (Royal Air Force) came to her rescue, and had to scramble a fighter jet to escort the plane flying her into the capital Kabul when it came under enemy fire.

Klass continued, “Then I heard this grinding noise, which I found out was the defence shields being put up. It scared the living daylights out of me.”

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