Kirsten Dunst Victim of Prankster Ashton Kutcher

Kirsten Dunst has been the victim of an elaborate practical joke that seemed all too real to the actress.

The actress ended up in tears when police pulled the car, which she was a passenger in, over on suspicion of drunk driving. They then searched the car and found a porn tape, after which they threatened to arrest her. At this point Dunst broke into tears and asked them: “What? Is it a crime to own a porno now?”

However, the cops were actors and her two friends were both in on the stunt. It seems they had been pretending to drink vodka all night when it was in fact water. When they were pulled over the driver deliberately backed the car into the patrol car and the scene was set.

Ashton Kutcher orchestrated the prank for his TV show and he soon arrived on the scene to let Dunst know she had been had.

Kutcher says he chose the actress because she never followed him up on the offer of a date.

As for the Spider-Man star…she was just glad it was not real: “I was so scared. That was really the best prank ever. I’m so happy it’s not real.”

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