Kim Kardashian Wants You To See Her Naked Again


When people visited the Adult Expo in Downtown Los Angeles last year, adult film company Vivid Entertainment had banners hanging from the rafters with Kim Kardashian splayed all over, promoting the amateur sex tape she made with Ray J all over the convention hall.

No matter how much money the E! stars The Kardashian clan make for just being Kardashians, their fame and fortune was built literally on Kim Kardashian’s porn star back. Her bold move was her risky hat throwing into the fame ring after her former BFF and then employer Paris Hilton had done so well off the notoriety of her own sex tape, One Night In Paris. Kim’s gamble paid off.

Kardashian is first and foremost a born-affluent porn actress who has parlayed that and all it entailed (access to other affluent sorts like Paris Hilton) into a well-crafted reality TV series career as she commands astronomical appearance fees for endorsements and product to be used casually in photo ops for social media to promote for various vendors. Swag and deals, the momager/mother Kris Jenner has more business acumen than most major CEOs.

From the Vivid website:

The Kim Kardashian sex tape is the most famous celebrity sex tape in existence. Kim Kardashian and Ray J are caught in full XXX compromising positions while on vacation in Mexico. This celebrity sex tape was never supposed to see the light of day. Vivid Celeb exclusively brings it to you. We’re bringing you all the XXX action that no one wants you to see. Kim K Superstar is a movie that you have to see. Watch the full movie here at!

Now a married mother, Kim Kardashian just decided to pull a Full Monty and show the world her money maker – frontal nudity – after yesterdays ass-tastic reveal of a clearly photoshopped oily bum.


More pictures just surfaced from the Paper Magazine photo shoot with famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude. The pics were taken in Sept. during Paris Fashion Week. They are the full-frontals that pretty much show Kim now in nekkid 360 degree splendor.

Kim allegedly claims that she wants people to see she got her groove back after that pesky pregnancy.