Kim Kardashian Reveals ‘I have decided to end my marriage’

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, I am $50 dollars richer today betting on the longevity (lack of) of her second marriage in what was an E! orchestrated ratings grab.

After taking a ton of vendors for a freebie/product placement ride and inviting a ton of celebs, the Kardashian clan and Kim’s tall hubbie never quite mesh.

No harm no foul, as Kris and Kim had iron-clad prenuptial agreements, and the work of returning all those wedding gifts remains to be seen.
Kim Kardashian drew first blood: “I have decided to end my marriage.”

The reason officially is irreconcilable differences.

“After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage,” she told her network E!. “I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.”

According to the court documents, Kim listed their date of separation as Oct. 31, 2011, with their date of marriage, of course, as Aug. 20, 2011.

The wild card is whether Kim will keep the reported $2 million, 20.5-carat diamond ring.

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