Kim Kardashian As Influential As Barack Obama On Internet

Kim Kardashian is many things to many people. Her humble yet privileged roots have been played out brilliantly by her manager mother Kris Jenner, who took a horrible scandal of a porn tape, allegedly sold it to Vivid films, and has since elevated a former closet organizer to superstar status.  Kim bested her former employer Paris Hilton in the tabloid game.

Kim is now married to Kanye West, the “black Madonna” according to Madge. Her every move is selfied, belfied and plastered on the Internet to see. And people love to look.  Time awarded her as one of 30 Most Influential on the Internet.

Kim Kardashian, 34, stripped naked this year in several magazine layouts, her enormous assets on display for people to gawk. But the mother is having a run for her money by siblings (half) Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who each have their own 20s to shock and awe the same online medium. Kim is heading towards middle age, and sis Khloe is on standby to crack jokes. And Kourtney is, well to be kind, a third wheel in the equation.

Now Kim is blonde, Platinum in fact, thanks in part to Madonna’s friendship with hubbie Kanye? Who knows. But for today that’s the Kardashian headline: Kim’s Blonde Hair. So here, courtesy of Twitter and Instagram. Kim as a blonde.

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