Kim Basinger arraigned for contempt charges, Baldwin triggers case

LOS ANGELES- Actress Kim Basinger has been arraigned on contempt charges. Former husband Alec Baldwin initiated the case by alleging that Kim is guilty of a long list of violations in their bitter ongoing custody dispute.

Baldwin’s alleges that Basinger blocked his visitation rights, blocked his rights to speak with his daughter on the telephone and failed to notify him when the child suffered an injury. Reported by

Basinger pled not guilty in absentia through her lawyer, Neal Hersh.

The once happy couple has been fighting in a long custody battle over 10-year-old daughter Ireland. Baldwin has alleged Basinger is thwarting his ability to parent. Basinger alleges the same complaint.

Basinger faces 12 counts of contempt. Each count carries a maximum penalty of $1,000. Reports TMZ.

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