Kiki Melendez’ Hot Tamales bring their revue to the Hollywood Improv, hot off Miami

Hot off their successful dual English and Spanish sets in South Florida, Kiki Melendez’ talented lineup of diverse Latina comics is coming to LA, and the show is a no miss for any and all comedy fans.

Melendez has woven a group of ladies (east coast-west coast and Texan) whose hilarious worldview is colored by their different experiences growing up in America.

Most are first generation kids who navigate the world through a perspective always rich in humor and “Wise Latina” wisdom.

“No culture has as many rules about sex except maybe Victorian England,” says Monique Marvez, one of the stars of Hot Tamales Live, reports the Miami Herald  

“By the time a Latin girl is in the seventh grade, she’s at the school dance in full makeup and heels,” Marvez tells the Herald. “Of course her mother is there, too, chaperoning. She’s all show, but her parents want to make sure she’s no go. The material for comedy is endless.”

Dominican Kiki Melendez, host and producer of the Hot Tamales show, is a savvy producer of Showtime specials and live events, has cultivated the funny, and made a forum for Latina humor – a uniquely American thing.

Melendez took her Tamales to Miami to perform in English and Spanish, and they killed to SRO crowds.

Now she and the Tamales are back in Los Angeles at the Improv for a celebration: The 8th Anniversary of Hot Tamales Live!
The laughter begins on Thursday, April 8th promptly at 8PM @ The Hollywood IMPROV
Kiki Melendez Presents: Nadine Rajabi, Tiffany Haddish, Monique Marvez, Darryl Brunson , Jeff Garcia and direct from NYC: Helen Hong & Vanessa Hollinghead
Also on stage will be Daniela Brazil’s Samba Show.

Space is limited – Get your tickets today.  Call (323) 651.2583 or Log on to 
8162 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 651.2583
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