Kevin Hart Interview on Oprah Prime VIDEOS

21st March 2014 by
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Kevin Hart is all over the place. The diminutive comic is white hot and ready for his Oprah interview.


Kevin Hart Interview on Oprah Prime VIDEOS

Winfrey meets up with comedian and actor Kevin Hart to discuss the whole enchilada of his amazing turn in life on an all-new episode of “Oprah Prime” airing this Sunday, March 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

First Look: Kevin Hart on Oprah Prime

Tune in for an all-new episode of Oprah Prime on Sunday at 9/8c.

Kevin Hart, on the heels of his box-office hits and recent NAACP Image Award for Entertainer of the Year, chats about his skyrocketing career, his comedic influences and how reaching his fans through social media was a vital part of his success as he made his way up in the industry. Hart also talks about raising his children with his ex-wife, the support his mother gave him when he was first starting out and how he learned to forgive his father.

EXCERPT: Kevin Talks About How He Got To Where He Is Today

KEVIN: For me, you know what? I believe hard work pays off, you know? When you say it’s been a — it’s been my year and it’s my time, you know, Hollywood has a way of making everything seem like an overnight success.

OPRAH: Yeah.

KEVIN: Oh, my God. Where did this guy come from? Oh, this kid. Who is he? Look. He’s a massive star.

OPRAH: Yeah.

KEVIN: 18 years in the business.

OPRAH: Yeah, you put in your 10,000 hours already.

KEVIN: I put in my time, you know? I got dues that have been paid and paid again and paid one more time after that. I stayed true to my dreams. And by doing that, eventually they came true.

First Look: Don’t Call Kevin Hart an Overnight Success

While some might say that Kevin Hart has taken over the entertainment world overnight, the 34-year-old actor and comedian has to disagree. After working for 18 years in the industry and filming three stand-up comedy specials, he believes it was just a matter of his hard work paying off.

EXCERPT: Kevin On the Important Role Social Media Plays in Connecting with His Fans

KEVIN: Well, social media is everything for me. I mean in our generation in today’s time, you know, being able to talk back and forth with your fans goes a long way. You know, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, these things are all tools that I don’t — I don’t like to say that they’re — the actors before me, but, you know, the older actors, you know, your Denzels, your Will Smiths, they’re not social media savvy because they didn’t have to back then. There was a talk show, a campaign, and then that was it.

OPRAH: Right.

KEVIN: But right now with all the stuff out there, your fans, they like to know.

OPRAH: Right.

KEVIN: And I love the fact that I show that — I’m real. What you see is what you get.

First Look: Why Social Media Is “Everything” to Kevin Hart

For comedian and actor Kevin Hart, social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential for connecting with his fans. Watch as he explains why building an authentic relationship with his audience has taken him so far as a comedian.

EXCERPT: Kevin Talks About His Longtime Girlfriend

KEVIN: I will say with my lady now I’ve got something special. You don’t find it often.

OPRAH: So if you’re on the road a long period of time, she’s not like where are you? What are you doing?

KEVIN: No. No.

OPRAH: Mm-hmm

KEVIN: She said “Honey, you want me to come? You want me to come see you?” But the active role that she took in being with my kids.

OPRAH: Mm-hmm.

KEVIN: Understanding that it was gonna be a process for my ex-wife to eventually understand and warm up to her. Patient through all of it.

OPRAH: Mm-hmm.

KEVIN: Literally, has time in to where we’ve grown, and to where we are now. It’s good.

First Look: Kevin Hart on His Love Life

In 2011, comedian Kevin Hart divorced his wife of eight years, and since then he has been open—onstage and offstage—about the split and his own infidelity. Watch as he tells Oprah about his current relationship with model Eniko Parrish and shares how they have grown together over the past five years.

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