Keri Russell all grown up

“Felicity” star Keri Russell had an interview in the latest Details magazine, as well as a photo shoot.

The emaciated-looking actress looked in dire need of a sandwich as she exposed herself in a revealing assemblage of photographs.  NSFW-PHOTOS

The 32-year-old has an 18-month-old son named River. Her portrayal of Felicity was made even more famous by her signature curly locks.  Keri tells Details that “when she cut them off—stepping out of her teenage persona—the ratings suffered and WB executives called for network approval of all future hairstyle changes requested by their stars.”

“Who likes curly hair?” Russell told Details. “It was just a big ’fro.”

Keri Russell, December 2008 Details magazine

Keri Russell, December 2008 Details magazine

Russell is promoting her latest film, “Bedtime Stories,” in theaters December 25—distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. She stars opposite Adam Sandler. “It’s funny and it’s a movie that kids can see,” Russell says. “But it’s still got Adam’s crazy sense of humor. It’s not totally nicey-nice.”

“Working with Keri was the best,” says Sandler. “She would bring her son to the set to play with my daughter. She also taught me all the dances from her days as a Mouseketeer. Plus, every day at lunch we’d have a curly-hair competition, and I would win—except on humid days.”


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