Kelly Clarkson’s Elephant In The Room Is You

Kelly Clarkson’s new album Piece by Piece is already No. 1 on iTunes, but the singer is facing some serious criticism for her fluctuating weight.


Let’s be real about something. Kelly Clarkson is not thick, she’s not big or big boned…Kelly Clarkson is fat!

I’ve called it. so what. She had a baby and got fat, it happens. Remember Ruben Studdard? Big as a house, still is. Nobody had a problem calling him fat. He even went to the “Biggest Loser,” and you know what? He’s still fat.

Kelly owns her weight gain, she isn’t making excuses for it. In fact, she is dressing it up and putting in on TV. She isn’t hiding in the shadows wearing black sweatpants while binging on fast food drive thru french fries at three in the morning.

So why is America so furious at people calling her fat? Yes, she is talented, and yes, I’m sure she is sweet and yes, she has a big personality… but when she appears on all these talk show promoting her new album you can’t avoid the literal elephant in the room. You dress her up but she is still going to be fat. This isn’t bullying, this is observation, America has got to deal with it.


Where was America when everyone was calling Charles Barkley fat? Or Shaquille O’Neal? I didn’t hear America gasp when all the other sports analysts on Inside the NBA made jokes at his expense. You know what they did? They laughed, they didn’t start a grassroots campaign to get journalists to apologize for pointing out the obvious.

So maybe America, you are being the bully here because you don’t want to take a long hard look at yourself and see how fat YOU are. Kelly Clarkson shouldn’t be your poster child, you know what your poster child should be? A salad!!

Karen Stevens has become a go-to expert on pop culture for Monsters & Critics and is former reality TV producer, Stevens lives, breathes, and eats pop culture. If it’s in the public eye, it’s her domain. She’s always spot on and never shies away from the controversial with her unique brand of hilarious, and yes, she woke up like this.