Kelly Clarkson sacks guitarist, video surfaces from 2005

Kelly Clarkson must have made some enemies while touring the world.

M&C just was sent this video anonymously that is making the rounds to all the usual online suspects for exposure.

Although this video is from 2005, it shows Clarkson working the stage as a true Diva for rock n’roll Jesus who apparently was miffed at her guitarist on stage in Portland in the midst of a performance.

The guitarist, named Dwayne Leary, was fired on-stage, mid-song. 

Clarkson addressed her fans, telling them she was going to pray for Dwayne because he’s “gonna need it” when she got off the stage.

It’s hard to tell what Dwayne did, but Clarkson makes a reference to him messing with her fans.

Watch the video below as she fires him in the first minute or so of the video and then move ahead to the speech she gives her fans about the incident (at the 2:45 mark), we still aren’t sure what he did to warrant the sacking.

UPDATE: Another email came to us from the same source of the video.

“Since uploading and sending you guys the video regarding Kelly firing her guitarist on stage, I’ve come under extreme attack by a fan base called the KCE (Kelly Clarkson Express). They are pissed at me for uploading the video because it “shows Kelly in a negative light” (these fans think Kelly fan do no wrong). Not only am I receiving harrassing messages on Twitter, but I am receiving harrassing messages via PM on her fan club board (the Fan Club had to close a thread on the subject of the video due to them harrassing me), and some fans even got a hold of my number.”

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