Katy Perry pals with Rihanna, keeps it quiet on Chris Brown front

Katy Perry runs in the same circles as Rihanna, and hints she may be collaborating on a duet with the Barbados singer soon to Extra.

Perry partied in New York wearing a flapper dress and hanging out with a mini version of herself, even entertaining her good friend Rihanna who snuck into the party at 1 AM. 

Perry told “Extra’s” AJ Calloway how she met her now good friend Rihanna. “I met her at the Jingle Ball shows when we play all the Christmas shows.”   And Perry tells “Extra” that her good friend is moving on with her life. “She’s fine. She’s happy. Happy girl…She’s smiling.”

But don’t expect Perry to rat out her friend Rihanna’s legal drama details involving her ex, Chris Brown. “We’re just friends. I don’t get into her business. I think people don’t really know the situation of what’s going on unless they’re in the situation…I think it’s respectful to not even talk about it.”

Perry also commented, “I wouldn’t mind,” when asked about a duet with Rihanna.

Calloway caught up with Perry in New York as she celebrated her new video, Waking Up in Vegas, at a People Magazine party.

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