Katy Perry on Brand, Meyer and popping tags and tacos

Katy Perry embedded herself with a Vogue reporter and spilled about her divorce, tacos and popping tags when she was “superpoor.”

Perry graces the magazine’s July cover.

Katy talked about Russell Brand, the British comedian/actor, that she “was in love with him when I married him” in 2010.

Brand reportedly sent her a text on New Year’s Eve 2011 saying he wanted a divorce, about 14 months later.

Perry, 28, says she blamed herself for their breakup until she “found out the real truth,” which she “can’t necessarily disclose.”

She talks about notorious lothario and musician John Mayer, saying she “was madly in love with him” and still is. She says he has a “beautiful mind” and a “tortured soul.”

The July issue of Vogue goes on sale June 25.

She also talked about days when money was more of an issue:

“When I was younger, I used to be a part of the surfing-and-skateboarding community,” she tolf Vogue. “And after a whole day of having saltwater in my mouth was this taco. It always, always hit the spot…There is a charity shop right there that I would go to after I ate here. Lunch and a new dress.”

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