Katrina: A Health Disaster set to premiere on Discovery Health Channel

***image2:left***<P>The Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Times Channel are to premiere a one-hour special, Katrina: A Health Disaster.</P> <P>The special will provide personal stories about those who have survived the hurricane and who now are trying to survive its aftermath. It will also provide a health and medical perspective and ponder the after effects when an entire portion of the country is surrounded by water carrying potential life-threatening diseases. Are health needs being addressed including those of babies and senior citizens? And, how are people coping when every day is a physical and emotional struggle?</P> <P>Dr. Mehmet Oz, Discovery Health Channel’s Senior Medical Contributor, is featured in the documentary and provides insight about his experience during his recent, post-storm visit to the Gulf Coast region.</P> <P>Both channels will premiere the special on Tuesday, September 20. The Health Channel at 8 PM ET/PT and the Times Channel at 10 PM ET/PT.</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.