‘Kate Moss’ daughter will be exposed to drugs’ worries grandfather

Grandfather Douglas Hack voices worries for Kate Moss’ daughter and exposure to drugs and tells the Daily Mail:  “I’m worried Kate Moss’ daughter will be exposed to drugs.”

The grandfather truly fears that the four-year-old daughter, his granchild, will be exposed to drugs from Pete Doherty of Babyshambles fame..

Grandfather Douglas Hack has said that he does not want Lila Grace anywhere near Doherty.  “We’re worried about Doherty and his drug situation,” he said. “We don’t want Lila around him or drugs.

“But Kate is headstrong. She’s going to do whatever she wants and who can tell her otherwise.

“It’s not like she’s listen to us anyway, she just loves the whole rock thing.’

Moss has reignited her romantic liaison with the bedeviled Doherty, who, until recently, was in rehab undergoing treatment for heroin and crack cocaine addiction, for 18 months.

Moss is said to have strained relations now with the father of her child, Jefferson Hack.

Grampy Douglas, 68, revealed “Jefferson doesn’t like Pete at all,” in a quote from Closer magazine.

Moss and Doherty are rehab veterans, with Doherty spending the most time and dalliances with court dates after repeatedly being caught driving while under the influence of drugs. Priory was his most recent rehab stint destination.

The Daily Mail reports that “Miss Moss is understood to have footed the £1,200 a day bill herself.”

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