Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in wedding catfight

The Sun is reporting that model Kate Moss and actress Sienna Miller has an old-fashioned catfight at a mutual pal’s reception, over a guy names Rhys Ifans.

Kate allegedly has been palsy with Rhys for years and is put out that Sienna is now occupying the old boy’s time, allegedly making him unavailable for drinking dates with Moss.

The Sun writes: “Sienna arrived at the reception in London with Rhys, not long after Cocaine Kate, who was with new fella JAMIE HINCE and best pal SADIE FROST.”

Allegedly “evil glares” were exchanged and the “tension mounted” between the two skinny Brit babes.

Hooch made the fireworks fly a little later in the evening.

An unnamed spywitness tells the Sun: “Kate had a go at Sienna and accused her of stealing her style. She was ranting on about how Sienna was now trying to steal her lifestyle and her friends too.

“It was really cutting and everyone was listening to them.

“A few drinks had been sunk by the time Kate said it and Sienna had plucked up some Dutch courage too. She gave Kate as good as she got.”

Dutch courage!*

Apparently Jude Law’s old, ex wife Sadie stepped in and cooled the drama scene.

Sienna used to do the business with her ex Jude.  They aren’t tight buddies.

Apparenly Sadie has issues with alcohol, according to the Sun, she must “cut down her boozing.”

Sadie allegedly “has long since buried the hatchet with Sienna and stepped in on Saturday to calm things down.”

Unnamed spywitness said to the Sun: “Sadie stood between them and reminded them that it was a wedding and that they should show some respect. Sienna was in the mood for carrying on the scrap but Rhys persuaded her to call it a night.”

* “Dutch Courage” :  During the bubonic plague of London (1665), the city was sealed off to avoid contamination. This meant no food was permitted in. The only people willing to trade with London were the Dutch, who left food on jetties and then would take the money left there. They used to steel their nerves with liquor before landing on the plague-infested shores, hence “Dutch courage.” To this day, the Dutch still have the freedom of the river Thames, which was granted as a reward for their courage and kindness.

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