Kate Beckinsale happy for daughter to follow in her footsteps

Kate Beckinsale told the Press Association that if her daughter wishes to follow in her footsteps and become an actress, she will support her.

11-year-old Lily Mo is the offspring of the Underworld actress and her ex, actor Michael Sheen.

Explaining her decision, Beckinsale said “I would be supportive. I wouldn’t discourage her, because I hated it when people did that to me.”

“I would just encourage her to keep her options open as long as she could. I remember when I used to announce to my parents and my parents’ friends that I was going to be an actress, and all of them, even the ones that were incredibly successful, would all go, ‘Don’t’. I was like, ‘Why are you doing it if it’s so awful?’

38-year-old Beckinsale had an eight year relationship with Sheen, which ended in 2003. The Pearl Harbour actress then got romantically involved with director Len Wiseman, who she went on to marry in 2004. Beckinsale and her daughter moved from London to Los Angeles in 2003 to live with Wiseman.

Beckinsale explained that Lily Mo has managed to keep her English accent. “I’m very proud of the fact that she has an English accent. I understand that’s quite unusal.”

“A lot of my friends who have kids move over here and within about three weeks they’ve got an American accent.”

Beckinsale stars in the latest Underworld film, Underworld: Awakening, which was released on the 20th January 2012 in the USA.

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