Karl Lagerfeld takes on current celebrities

Meow man and couture designer Karl Lagerfeld has some opinions of American cultural preoccupations in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Lashing out at Jessica Simpson, Pete Doherty and others, he accuses several celebrities them of having no style or taste. Lagerfeld, who has worked with fashion powerhouses such as Chloe and Fendi, launched into a scathing verbal attack on “frumpy” stars.

•   On Jessica Simpson: “Ecch, I’m not that impressed.”
•   The Olsen twins: “They don’t have a strong enough image. They still have to make the movie that everybody remembers.” Frumpy? “Extreeemely.”
•   Kate Moss’ obsession, Pete Doherty: “He’s gone. His music – the look – is over now. There’s nothing to think about it. It is too late.”
•   Heidi Klum’s “Project Runway”: “Trash that is funny for five minutes if you’re with other people.”

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