Justin Bieber’s 15 Year-Old Racist Joke Telling Self Back To Haunt Him VIDEO

Video thumbnail for youtube video Canada's Most Wanted: Calabasas Annoyance Justin Bieber Facing More MusicCommon sense and someone to watch over and advise him?

No checks for that as Canadian teen pop sensation and Calabasas troublemaker Justin Bieber, dumper of monkeys and breaker of Selena Gomez’s heart is dealing with a new problem in the media.

Back when he was 15, Bieber told a really stupid joke on camera – knowing he was being taped – and now it’s come back to haunt him.

He reportedly tried to buy it and kill the video, to no avail.

A video of 15-year-old Justin Bieber telling a racist joke and using the n-word has been leaked by a British tabloid. It’s the top of the tabloid news stories this Sunday.

The joke:

“Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?”

“Don’t even say it,” someone warns. His lame punchline?  He says with chainsaw sounds: “Run, ni**erni**erni**erni**er.”

Bieber reportedly tried to buy the video “for a huge sum of money” to keep it from going public. It was recorded during the making of his 2011 concert documentary, “Never Say Never.”

TMZ claims they obtained the footage four years ago, but used discretion and did not publish it “in large part because he was 15 and immediately told his friends what he did was stupid.”  TMZ reports that Bieber is “frustrated and sad” that the video has been released, and that he will soon address it.