Jupiter Rising – ‘The Quiet Hype’ – Album Review

On store shelves now, electropop duo Jupiter Rising’s new album, ‘The Quiet Hype,’ is impressive.

The disc has intriguing beats, appealing rhymes and a truly unique collective sound.

The band released three singles from the upcoming CD on their website, including “Falling Away,” “Tres Cool” and “L.A. Girls,” but the disc showcases much more than the three singles encompass.

Their style could be compared to Lady GaGa’s. Most of the album is dance pop, but when the duo decides to slow things down their true colors show.

Vocalist Jessie Payo described their style on their website: “Our goal is to make music people can relate to, yet that is also new, fresh, and different…something that is going to last, that has a little more depth.”

Despite the many great things the group does in their new album, the collection does have its shortcomings.

The normalcy of some of the songs causes the group to lose their unique voice. These sound like anything else you might hear on the local top 40 radio station, but the other songs make up for this deficit for the most part.

Their sound changes from song to song, switching between the adaptive voice of singer Jessie Payo and the tantalizing rhymes of Spencer Neezy.

“Guarded” has some of the best vocals on the disc and exposes some of the hidden talent Jupiter Rising is going to uncover with the release of ‘The Quiet Hype.’

Songs like “When the Bass Drops” and “L.A. Girls” tarnish the image that the rest of the songs create, but not nearly enough to ruin my opinion of the album.

Overall, the album is surprisingly first-rate. My taste usually doesn’t include electropop, but I found myself bobbing my head to songs like “Falling Away” and “The Quiet Hype.”

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