June 2013 skincare spotlight: Skin Regimen, from Italian skincare brand [comfort zone]

The June 2013 skincare spotlight shines bright on Skin Regimen, from leading Italian skincare brand, [comfort zone]. 

The line is based on phyto-nutraceuticals, the power of specific plant-based antioxidants and key ingredients that feed the skin internally (like Chia Seeds) and externally, with extracts focused in serums, creams and facial renewers that resurface damaged skin.

Founded by Dr. Davide Bollati, this perfectly packaged minimalistic line from [comfort zone] includes six beautiful products that address skin aging in a comprehensive and results-oriented way. The line can be combined and is made for young to mature skin, oily to dry, rosacea afflicted, sensitive to normal skin.

Dr. Davide Bollati looked at the product development process and assembled a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary committee of scientists and wellness practitioners to examine the causes of accelerated skin aging.  After two years of intense research with extensive product testing, this group of experts came up with the Skin Regimen collection. 

A book was also authored, “Skin Regimen, The Essential Lifestyle Guide For Skin Longevity and Beauty,” launching this month (UPC 8004698 164572) which is his blueprint to keep your largest organ in fine function and looking younger than your chronological age.  Aging cannot be stopped but it can be effectively contrasted by deeply understanding what accelerates it and what can be done to reduce its effects. Our skin is not only a protection, it is also the reflection of what happens inside our body, day after day. It is the result of what we eat, feel and do: in a word our “lifestyle”. One of the recommended lifestyle changes is to incorporate living green juices daily into your diet.


Why we love the Skin Regimen line 

The look is clean and unfussy. I prefer the dropper serums, and there is an old world apothecary feel to the packaging. Dark green glass, simple labels.

The [comfort zone] brand is quite extensive and features products to address every skincare need. Skin Regimen products that we tried are decidedly narrowed down and focused on hydration, renewal and cleansing.

What You Need To Know About Aging:

There are four main processes related to our lifestyle that can contribute to accelerating or contrasting aging:


INFLAMMATION excessive immunity response caused by unbalanced lifestyle consequence: compromised skin health and beauty, visible irritation, sensitivity.
OXIDATION free radicals attack caused by stress, smog, smoke and metabolic reactions consequence: skin cellular unbalance, wrinkles.
GLYCATION sugars attack caused by junk food consequence: collagen and elastin damage, loss of tone and elasticity.
METHYLATION compromised cell replication caused by lack of exercise consequence: skin damage and diseases.

How to combat skin aging with Skin Regimen

Skin Regimen covers the needs of both younger skin with first signs of aging as well as very mature, deeply wrinkled, depleted skin.

It also calms rosacea afflicted skin. This line is not for acne prone, oily skinned people.

We tried:



Hyaluronic acid and botanical base. Clear serum for normal to oilier skins. Cosmeceutical gel serum with an intensive protective action against the main factors that accelerate aging and corrective action for young skin showing aging.  My husband prefered this as his daytime serum post shaving. Layers well under sunscreen.


This intensive corrective and protective serum is creamy and designed for drier mature skins. Apply 5-6 drops morning and evening to face and neck, and massage in until completely absorbed. For mature and drier skins. I use it solo at nighttime.


Lightweight and firming, this was incredible feeling on the skin. Nice day cream under makeup. For oilier skins, younger skin. Cosmeceutical peptide formula for biologically young skin, dehydrated and with the first signs of aging. Source of health and beauty for biologically young skin with the first signs of aging. The creamy gel texture makes the product suitable for both men and women, recommended for hot humid climates.


This is a luxe rich, anti-aging replumping moisturizer. I used it on my neck and chest. For harsh cold climates it wil be brilliant. Hot weather alert: only the driest skins can use this.


This is an intensive peeling mask gel. You rinse it off, no more than 2x a week.  Active ingredients include GLUCONOLACTONE, LACTIC ACID and GLYCOLIC ACID which in concert make the cell turnover faster for a brighter, fresher and smoother face skin. TROPAEOLUM EXTRACT stimulates the delivery of oxygen between cells improving tissue oxygenation, which results in a more even and brighter skin tone.
Apply an even layer of gel to dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water.
Warning It is recommended to apply a product with a UV filter and limit sun exposure when using this product. Made for mature skin with wrinkles and uneven tone.
Young skin with first signs of aging. All types of climate. Pretty amazing results, clearer, brighter skin that looks hydrated upon awakening.

DUO CLEANSER Revitalizing Cleanser Toner


Pump dispenser to remove make-up, pollution and tone the skin in one gesture. All formulas are dermatologically tested and produced with energy from renewable sources.  Caveat: Not for normal/oilier skins. Designed to use on dry skin, and they recommend using cotton pads to help facilitate makeup removal. I felt I needed to wash my face again after using.


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