Judge pleased by Lindsay Lohan’s progress

Lindsay Lohan appeared in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner for a probation progress report on Wednesday morning.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star was in front of the Judge last month relating to a theft charge.  She was ordered to complete twelve days of community service in the Los Angeles County morgue, four therapy sessions and check in with her probation officer before her court date yesterday.

The judge was impressed that Lohan not only completed the terms of her probation, but also managed to fit in an extra therapy session.

Lohan has to follow the same terms of probation this month and report back to the Judge for her next court date on January 17th.

Sautner told the 25-year-old actress “Do more days a month and then we can end this in February, possibly.”

The good news comes for Lohan just days before her issue of Playboy magazine is released.

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