Josh Kelley ready to release ‘Just Say the Word’ in October

Singer/songwriter Josh Kelley has announced the October 10th release of his third album, ‘Just Say the Word.’  Entirely written, produced and performed by Kelley, ‘Just Say the Word’ demonstrates an eclectic range of the artist’s recent musical and personal evolution.

“I often heard people say that sometimes you just wake up in life and realize that you want to be better – well, that’s what happened to me about one year ago.  I became a better guitar player, drummer, piano player, bass player, singer and songwriter.  I found a new love in my life and an extra spark to my passion for music.  “Just Say the Word” is a direct reflection of my growth. I had a vision for this record and finally there was only one cook in the kitchen.”

Kelley has independently partnered with manager Debbie Wilson of Wilspro Management to market and distribute the new material in a unique way.  On June 6th, the album made a very successful pre-release launch on iTunes that lifted Kelley to the #1 position among all iTunes folk artists.  On June 13th, “Just Say the Word” boasted a #27 position on iTunes Top Albums.

In addition, a series of headlining club dates kicked off on May 28th in Las Vegas at the Suncoast Hotel and Casino and Kelley will continue to tour throughout 2006 in support of the album. “This is my rebirth,” Kelley noted, “I am ready to explore new and different ways of getting my music out there and go to the next level.”

‘Almost Honest,’ Kelley’s last release, received wide acclaim from critics.  Entertainment Weekly praised the CD for being “soulful, folk-informed, and unflaggingly melodic.”  People Magazine called Kelley, “the real deal, a genuine talent who brings sincere emotion to his straight-forward pop rock.”  And, Good Morning America dubbed Kelley “a breakthrough artist.”  The CD topped the Billboard New Artist Chart upon release and had been on the iTunes home page for several weeks.

The title track, “Just Say the Word,” is a song that deals with the frustrations and memories of past love and also features an encore at the end of the album. 

“‘Just Say the Word’ is a last attempt at letting a past lover know that they are not forgotten, and that they are still loved and safe in friendship, even though it’s time to make the next step in the direction of moving on with your life,” Kelley said. “I chose an encore for the song, because I love the track and the way it makes me feel, and because a lot of my favorite albums have an encore that bookends the record.  It’s a message that just needed to be revisited.  And what better way to engrave the title track message than to have an encore.”

Just as ‘Almost Home’ presented so many different musical styles, ‘Just Say the Word’ continues to establish Kelley’s wide range of musical ability and tastes.  The listener can enjoy the soulful and deep “How the Story Goes” to a stripped down, almost bluegrass “Bound to Keep Movin’” to the pop-driven “Pop Game.” 

‘Just Say the Word’ is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

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