Jordan vs. Posh, new boobs and a reality show too

Jordan, aka Katie Price, is still a big mystery to most Americans.  She is described as a “glamour model” which is British code for “poses topless.” 

She managed to get a reality show deal, despite the confusion most people have when her name is mentioned.  Apparently, she is no fan of Posh Spice either, the two have had an ongoing tit for tat in the UK press. 

Jordan dished on some things in the Sun newspaper:

On sex: “My sex life is brilliant this time round. Even though I’m suffering terrible back pain, Pete and I have been inventive. Pete is really fit and toned and looks incredibly sexy.
We have sex in all different ways to get round my backache.”
On her looks: “I’m also going to have Botox, the works. It’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”  She will also have yet a 4th boob job to make them smaller and perkier. “It will be my fourth, but I want new implants, possibly smaller, and to perk them up a bit. And if I have a new boob job they will be exclusive to Pete — nobody else will have touched them.”
On Posh:  Jordan discussed her reality show being picked up by E! and shown here in the States. “I hear Victoria and David are making a one-hour show. We’ll be on eight times a week, with a three-hour show each Saturday…At the end of the day she’s just a footballer’s wife and Pete and I are still individuals in our own right.”   Oh, a veddy snap indeed.

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