Jordan Spieth Interview ‘Jim Rome on SHOWTIME,’ More VIDEO

TV Picks: Jordan Spieth and Jim Rome go back-and-forth on their favorite films after Spieth’s admission that he watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” the night before he won the 2015 Masters. New episode of Jim Rome air on SHOWTIME Wednesday, April 15th at 9p ET/PT


Just days after going wire-to-wire to win golf’s ultimate prize, 21-year-old Jordan Spieth appeared on Jim Rome On SHOWTIME to discuss his record-setting Masters performance as Season 4 continues with six consecutive weekly shows this Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the network.

Rome asked Spieth how it feels to be rocking the green jacket.

Jordan Spieth: “It feels good. It feels silky. It feels nice,” said Spieth, the former NCAA Champion from the University of Texas, adding he’s going to wear it to some sporting events. “I’m thinking about taking it to some UT games, a Cowboys game, Rangers game. It will be cool just to represent just an incredible family, at least for this year and try and go get another one.”

Rome asked Spieth about his goals now that he’s won the Masters.

Jordan Spieth: “Goals are going to be re-adjusted,” he said. “I still haven’t accomplished the feat of No. 1. Rory’s still at No. 1 … I have to continue this type of play just to stay at No. 2 where I’m at let alone to jump to No. 1. So there’s a long ways to go.”

When asked how much money he’s taken on the golf course from his good friend and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Spieth laughed: “I don’t know. I can’t even count that high. He’s a great friend and a great competitor so we have a good time out there.”

Here are highlights from Wednesday’s show:

Additional highlights from the show include an in-depth Front Row interview with Nate Boyer, a former Green Beret serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who at age 29 enrolled at the University of Texas and walked-on and earned a spot on the team, eventually becoming the starting long snapper. Now, he’s trying to make an NFL roster as a 34-year-old rookie. Rome also throws 10 Questions at NBA All-Star point guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Outspoken sports sociologist and consultant for the San Francisco 49ers’ Dr. Harry Edwards, Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Lee Jenkins and President of the NFL Players Association Eric Winston join Rome in The Forum to discuss topics ranging from the future of the NFL to Adrian Peterson

“I think that the number one thing that the League has to worry about is episodes such as Ray Rice … The thing that they cannot survive is some of these off-the-field issues, particularly when it comes down to violence against women and girls. The League cannot survive that.”

—Dr. Harry Edwards, sports sociologist

DR. EDWARDS: “The league is going to survive the concussion [situation] because there are always going to be a group of guys who have no options, or who don’t care or don’t get or don’t understand the medical information … I think within the next two college generations you’re going to have an overwhelmingly black league. The NFL is going to be blacker than the NBA.”

ROME: “Why? Why is that the case?”

DR. EDWARDS: “They are the one most likely to value the game. You think football is rough. You try coming up in an urban inner-city… I guarantee it’s going that way. It’s going to be overwhelmingly black. I’d advise everyone to look at the teams this year. Watch when Dallas plays San Francisco or New Orleans playing Atlanta; it won’t matter who it is, it’s going to look like Ghana playing Nigeria and there’s no getting around that.”

ROME: “What is the biggest threat right now to the League?”

DR. EDWARDS: “I think that the number one thing that the League has to worry about is episodes such as Ray Rice. One thing the League cannot survive is athletes beating on women. They cannot survive that. They cannot survive a series of accusations of rape. And with these cameras around you catch two or three athletes beating on women in a row [and] you are going to have sponsors, you are going to have fans, you are going to have owners, you are going to have everybody up in arms about this issue. The thing that they cannot survive is some of these off-the-field issues, particularly when it comes down to violence against women and girls. The League cannot survive that.”

LEE JENKINS: “I think it’s how this [concussion] issue effects the quarterback position. So many of the quarterbacks are the biggest stars. You look back and if Drew Brees was coming out right now, would his family have steered him to tennis, which he was playing already? Would Tom Brady’s parents steered him to baseball? Would Archie Manning have done something different? I think that position where you do have some of the players coming from affluent areas; I think that’s a risk.”

ROME: “It seems like Adrian Peterson feels like the Vikings did him wrong. Did they?”

ERIC WINSTON: “To me, they could have showed him a little more support. Instead they backed away and said, ‘Our sponsors aren’t happy, and you’re just going to have to take care of this yourself.’ Before this he’s been a model citizen and done everything he could to be the guy he was supposed to be. Obviously he made a wrong decision and he’s paid for that. But at the end of the day they just stepped back and said, ‘Now you’re on your own.’ ”

DR. EDWARDS: “Adrian has every right to be as upset as he wants to be. But I think he should shut up and be quiet about it and go ahead and get on past it. Otherwise every time he speaks he brings it back up.”

ROME: “Athletes have been more and more silent on important issues. Should athletes be doing more than they are right now?”

JENKINS: ‘The Republicans buy shoes too.’ I think that quote has passed on through time. That’s part of the [Michael] Jordan legacy. So many of these players don’t necessarily want to be [Muhammad] Ali. They want to be Jordan.”

ROME: “The NBA Players Union announced that players will vote for their own NBA awards. This year’s MVP race is as tight as it gets. Who’s going to get your vote?”

DAMIAN LILLARD: “If I had to pick I would have co-MVPs with James [Harden] and Steph [Curry]. I think Steph has had the best season and he plays for the best team in the League and he’s the reason why. He’s ultimately the guy who’s leading them. James has had a team without Dwight [Howard] and different guys, and he’s still managed to keep them in the top three with his play. So I think that’s just as valuable.”

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