Joni Mitchell Recovering In Los Angeles Hospital

I’m a painter first and I kind of apply painting principles to music –  Joni Mitchell

‘I was a free man in Paris / I felt unfettered and alive / There was nobody calling me up for favors / And no one’s future to decide / You know I’d go back there tomorrow / But for the work I’ve taken on / Stoking the star-maker machinery / Behind the popular song.” – Free Man In Paris lyrics by Joni Mitchell

“They paved paradise / And put up a parking lot.” – Big Yellow Taxi lyric, Joni Mitchell

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Canadian born artist Joni Mitchell is reportedly still in intensive care, but her spokesperson tells TMZ that she is “awake and in good spirits.” it was also reported by TMZ that Ms. Mitchell underwent a surgical procedure some time after arriving at the hospital on Tuesday.  She was found unconscious and rushed to hospital after a 911 call from her home Tuesday.

Her condition has been posted and updated on her website.


Paramedics were called to 71-year-old Mitchell’s Los Angeles home around 2:30 PM.

A multimedia artist who considers herself a painter first, Joni Mitchell’s musical discography is legendary and her albums had her own artwork featured, with hits like Clouds, Both Sides Now, Help Me and her epic 1974 album, Court and Spark among many.

Speedy recovery to Ms. Mitchell.