Jonathan Groff At New York City’s “Happiness Wall” PHOTOS

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Jonathan Groff


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America forgot its troubles and got happy today, March 20, the first day of Spring, in celebration of the UN-established “International Day of Happiness” with Live Happy magazine. In NYC, actor Jonathan Groff (HBO’s Looking) kicked off the celebratory event and encouraged everyone to share their #HappyActs at New York City’s “Happiness Wall” – Also in attendance was Catherine Curtin from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” and adoptable pups from NYC shelter Animal Haven.

One of the happiest and busiest men in showbiz, Groff took a time out to help Live Happy spread the word and encourage others to get involved with #HappyActs, small acts of kindness that add up to a big impact for individuals and the world.

Jonathan said,  “One of the things that has made me really happy is being a part of the show Glee… I think it’s brought a lot of happiness to people around the world….Happiness is important to me because I feel like often times happiness is seen as being something simple and uncomplicated, but I think the choice to be happy is one that you have to make every day and it’s often a more difficult choice than the choice to be unhappy. I think that being happy and showing happiness in your life is an incredibly powerful thing.”

“Another thing that’s making me happy, maybe the most happy in my life, is the opportunity of being on a TV show called Looking on HBO.”

Three years ago the United Nations established March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. Last year, Live Happy magazine joined in with their mission to make the world a happier place and led the largest awareness campaign, to date. This year, Live Happy invited everyone to join in the festivities by accepting the #HappyActs Challenge, which encouraged everyone to spread a little joy in honor of International Day of Happiness (March 20) through random acts of kindness shared in person and online.

Additionally, to further spread the joy and element of giving back to their community, Live Happy is donating $1 to Big Brothers Big Sisters* for every person that accepted the #HappyActs

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Jonathan Groff opened the New York City “Happiness Wall,” one of 40 locations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  Groff commented on his work for tonight’s series finale of “Glee,” Sunday’s season finale of “Looking” in the role of “Patrick,” his current run as King George in the Public’s production of Hamilton, and his role in “American Sniper.”

He spoke to the importance of encouraging more happiness in our world, and why he was inspired to join this movement driven by the United Nations, inspired by Bhutan’s resolution of Gross Domestic Happiness

Accept the #HappyActs Challenge by visiting:

· Share as many #HappyActs as possible by March 20 via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

· Visit a Live Happy Happiness Wall (For a complete list of cities, visit

· Live Happy will give random surprise gifts of happiness to participants leading up to March 20. The more #HappyActs that each person shares online, the better chances they have to win